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Halo Hair Care Studio is a locally owned business that is dedicated to supporting and enhancing our vibrant community through beauty, acts of kindness and charitable contribution.

Our team organizes and participates in many supportive causes throughout the year. 

We continue to grow as we extend a hand to others!

St Vincent Walk for the Poor

Feed St Mary's Food Pantry

American Cancer Society

       Mike's Bikes Feed a Family        

Halo Hair Care Studio is also proud to announce our partnership with Green Circle Salons to implement a comprehensive recycling and sustainability program that helps to significantly reduce our environmental impact on the planet.




Green Circle Salons is a movement to help the salon industry reduce its environmental footprint and provide options for consumers seeking genuine green options in salon care. Since its inception in 2009, Green Circle Salons has been building a network of certified salons and providing them with a comprehensive pathway to green solutions including recycling, and the repurposing of hair for the manufacturing of oil spill booms, emergency bedding, the creation of bio-composite plastic  and other ongoing sustainable research applications.

Today, Green Circle Salons diverts waste from landfill spaces in Canada and the United States.

Find out more at


The Halo team is proud of our community and committed to make it a better place!!

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Diana Diggins Halo Hair Care Studio



With over 25 years of experience in the beauty industry, Diana has done it all. Diana specializes in hair color and has worked as a hair color educator and platform artist.


She believes every hairstyle that walks out of the door should be of celebrity caliber.

As the owner of Halo Hair Care Studio, Diana strives to create a modern, fun, and professional environment for guests to enjoy.


Diana feels that while the finished product is important, equally so are the relationships that are built in the process!


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